Fabric suppliers

I’ll add to this list places I’ve found to buy suitable fabrics for Regency costumes.

Lincraft (Australian chain fabric store) often has a light cotton voile that is reasonable quality and relatively inexpensive. Keep an eye out for their 40% off sales.

Fabrics-store.com has linen fabric – a wider range of colours and weights, but of particular interest for Regency costumes is their lightweight linen IL020, which I’ve used for a chemise – it’s a beautiful fabric and softens with washing and handling, as linen should do. I’ve bought from them quite a few times and their service is prompt.

Fabric Mart has a wide range of fabrics, including linens, cottons, silks and wools. Their prices are generally very good, but be aware that they do not give an international postage price at checkout and will charge you what it costs – I bought 8 yards of beautiful, wide, wool fabric, which weighed about 7 pounds (c 3 kilos) and they imagineear.com/pharmacy/ shipped it by FedEx – which arrived quickly but cost over $90USD. It still worked out a good buy, including the postage, but only just.

Puresilks.us has a good range of silk fabrics. Their silk taffeta is ideal for ball gowns and comes in a range of colours and widths – at around $16 to $20 per yard. I haven’t bought from them (yet) but many costumers recommend them.


Sarees/saris can be useful for Regency costumes, especially for those of us who aren’t tall. A sari is generally about 5.5 yards of fabric, with a decorative end, and a decorative border alone the length of the fabric. The fabric is about 44 inches wide, which is wide enough, if the borders aren’t too wide, to cut skirt panels across the width of the fabric.

I’ve bought two artifical silk saris from Indus Diva through amazon.com, and two vintage saris through sarihouse on ebay.

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