Muslin round gown and open robe

I cut out the muslin gown months ago, but ran out of time to finish it before JAFA in April. I’ve used the same adaptation of the Sense and Sensibility drawstring dress that I summarised here, and which I also used for my handsewn blockprint day dress. However, I did make the sleeves shorter this time, and perhaps it’s that, or the white muslin that changes the look, but this is my favourite of the dresses I’ve made.

Muslin Gown Front

I did cheat and machine sew skirt seams and other hidden seams, but all visible stitching is done by hand.

I also made an open robe to go over the dress. The fabric is a quilting cotton, with a geometric print which may not be entirely historically accurate, but is in the general spirit of the times. As with my earlier open robe, I adapted the Sense and Sensibility pattern, basing the bodice front around the bodice lining piece, but adding a little width to the upper sides, and cutting it lower at the bust. I used the 3/4 sleeve pattern, cut a little bigger as usual (as the pattern is tight in the upper arm otherwise).
Pattern pieces laid out

Lauren came up to visit for the weekend of our Jane Austen Picnic, and we had Saturday together for sewing and photographing before the Sunday event.
Crimson print open robe over white muslin gown  Back view of crimson printed open robe


Lauren and Bron in Regency dresses

We had a bit of fun with photos, taking a stroll around the (very dry) paddock! Lauren is wearing her muslin gown, with a front-closing bodice and apron-front skirt. (She may blog about it one day, but she’s currently flat out and shortly going to head overseas for 6 weeks, so it may be a while!)

I’m very happy with the dress and open robe, and particularly the dress. The open robe isn’t especially historically accurate, as the skirt comes around more than most of them did, but it’s in the spirit of the times and looks a little more flattering on my short, round shape. Although I’m interested in historical accuracy, the events I attend aren’t reenactments, so I can lean a little more towards personal preference.

I’ll post about our picnic soon. And now that this outfit is done, my next project will be another go at stays – one day I’ll get great stays that really work for me!

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