JAFA 2017 – finally!

We went. We had a great, flat-out, full-on time. We didn’t take many photos – and yes, it’s taken me almost 6 months to blog about it!

Life just gets in the way of costuming . . . and it may surprise no-one that I didn’t get all the things finished in time for JAFA that I mentioned in my previous post. Oh, well . . . there’s always 2018!

So, here are a few photos.

At the fashion parade on the Friday night, I wore my somewhat rushed, trial version of a  1797 fashion plate (I’ll blog about it in full when I’ve made a better version.) Lauren wore her yellow muslin dress with a stunning velvet spencer with sleeve details and piping.

Bron in a recreation of a 1797 fashion plate

Photo courtesy of Steven Shaw

Lauren, fashion parade, JAFA 2017

Photo courtesy of Steven Shaw

Here we are together:

At the ball on Saturday night, Lauren wore her mauve satin bib-front gown, and because I didn’t get the opera gown I’d hoped to make done, I wore my white muslin dress and blue open robe from 2016 again. We’re photographed here with Lauren’s dashing partner, J (who has totally got his Mr Darcy look perfected!) and J’s sister.

Photo courtesy of Steven Shaw

And yes, my aprons were very handy . . . because every Baroness should wear an apron with her tiara!

At the picnic, Lauren wore her new spotted dress, with a brown and cream satin bonnet. There was a great photo somewhere of her and J leading the promenade, but I can’t find it.

And here’s a lovely view of the dress, when JAFA’s Dancing Master, John, invited Lauren to lead the opening of the Waverley Ball with him on Sunday evening – after she’d kicked off her shoes and couldn’t find them quickly!

Photo courtesy of Steven Shaw

I did wear my new hand-sewn block-print gown, but didn’t get any decent photos of it.

Next up, a Jane Austen picnic in my home town – more coming soon!

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