Corset/Stays Making Day

I’m organising a Corset/Stays Making Day for our new local costume group, on Saturday 28th October. (See the Facebook event for more details. Download the ‘What to bring‘ guide.)

Corsets or stays are the critical underpinnings of women’s historical and steampunk costume – but are very difficult to fit when you’re working at home alone without assistance! (As I have found multiple times in recent years…)

This won’t be a formal workshop, but the day is intended to get a good start on fitting and making a corset or pair of stays for each participant’s chosen historical era. We’ll work together and share experience and ideas and help each other with fitting mock-ups and cutting and sewing corset pieces.

I’ll be taking along my patterns and books, and my own stays-in-progress. As well as helping others, I’m hoping that I’ll be able to borrow another pair of hands and eyes to help fit mine!

This may only be the first of these sessions, as several of our group can’t make it that day, and others may need more than one day’s assistance to finish their corsets. (Plus, there are three stays/corsets I want to make from different eras!)

I collected several photos of extant stays for the Facebook event header. These are great inspiration – although I doubt that any of mine will end up looking so beautiful!

Three extant corsets



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