Lauren’s plans for JAFA 2016

JAFA this year is coming up very quickly… There’s now only 3 months left, and there’s quite a number of things to do already. My plans at this stage are as follows:

For SO:

  • Day wear outfit
    • Shirt (almost done)
    • Cravat
    • Waistcoat
    • Fall front breeches
    • Tailcoat

For me:

  • Long sleeved day gown
  • Two bonnets
  • Gauze over dress (for green ball gown)
  • Fix petticoats
  • Petticoats for Georgian gown
  • Pocket panniers for Georgian gown
  • Fix and finish all the bits and pieces not done from last year (unfinished hems, hastily sewn eyelets, twisted binding etc.)
  • Finish fichu

I’m not sure if I will have much more time after all those things are completed, but there’s a few other things I’d like to do if I can. As for what I plan to wear each day… I’m nowhere near as organised as Bron is to have thought of that 😛

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