Historical Sew Monthly 2016 – Lauren

So I plan to work on a large number of things this year. I’ve completed my wish list, and it is much much longer than I will be able to complete by April (and includes far too many items of clothing). But I have noticed that many of them fit into the themes of the Historical Sew Monthly for 2016. Below are the themes for each month, and what I plan to complete for each of them.

  • January –  Procrastination  My petticoat (posted in the Facebook group)
  • February – Tucks & Pleating – Petticoat for 1750s gown
  • March – Protection – A Bonnet or Parasol
  • April – Gender-Bender – Finish J’s coat
  • May – Holes – Probably make some lace edging
  • June – Travel – Coach cloak
  • July – Monochrome – White ball gown & black outfit for J
  • August – Pattern – Patterned waistcoat for J
  • September – Historicism – Make a historical garment that was itself inspired by the fashions of another historical period… Hopefully something modern with a regency twist
  • October – Heroes – Make a garment inspired by your historical hero, or your historical costuming hero… Unsure
  • November – Red – Another bonnet & red waistcoat for J
  • December – Special Occasion: A ballgown

Everything is of course dependant on how I go with things for the Jane Austen Festival Australia…

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