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Hi there! Lauren here,

As Bron said, I’ve definitely got some big plans for JAFA this year. My wonderful SO will be coming to a couple of events, so he of course will need an outfit (or two). I’ve never attempted menswear before so it should be an interesting exercise… Aside from that, I of course have my own outfits to add to and tidy up and I’m helping a couple of friends with their preparations for the festival.

Aside from learning to sew historical clothing, I’m also a second year PhD student in Linguistics. I also enjoy hiking, reading, jewellery making, drawing, and a whole host of other crafting activities. If I want to try something, I always do. Words like ‘difficult’ and ‘inexperienced’ don’t really deter me.

Case in point: before I began working on my outfits for JAFA 2015, I had rarely sewn anticonvulsant anything wearable (perhaps 3 or 4 items in my lifetime) and had certainly never tried anything historical. Now, one year later, I’m attempting to do menswear. It will be a great challenge.

For JAFA 2015, I finished a enough items to get me through, despite imperfections. But we live and learn and some of those outfits will be improved upon this year.

For 2015 I had:
Strapped petticoat
1 white muslin drawstring gown
1 teal satin round gown
1 pale purple open robe
1 rust coloured pelisse
a reticule to match my open robe
a day cap
and a pale purple bonnet borrowed from Bron

Bron also gave me a lovely blue robe a l’anglaise for the Georgian evening.

For 2016, I’m still deciding what will need fixing, updating and making so I’ll do another post of that later. In the meantime, here’s a couple of additional photos from 2015 for you.

12583687_10153471442179405_1260541327_n IMG_5527IMG_5551IMG_5627

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