A Chemisette and an afternoon tea

I actually finished this chemisette a few weeks ago, and was able to show it when I invited some of my friends who are also planning to go to the Jane Austen Festival over for an afternoon tea.

The chemisette is made from a very light cotton fabric from stash. I used the Sense and Sensibility pattern for the bodice, but added a different frill, shaped to be wider at the back than at the front. I wanted it to stand up a little, so I added a one-inch or so strip of fabric and sandwiched the frill when I stitched it to the bodice, then tucked the raw edge of the fabric strip under to enclose the frill/bodice seam.

White cotton chemisette with gathered collar

(Please excuse the blue dog toy in the background!)

The chemisette is entirely hand-stitched – I do enjoy the quiet, meditative nature of straight-forward pain relief hand stitching!

I haven’t worn it yet as I haven’t finished fixing up the skirt of the blue 1790s dress. I’ll do that after Christmas. After I get my new stays made. Then I’ll photograph the ensemble.

The afternoon tea, you ask? I made a couple of cakes and got out the pretty china, and we had a fantastic afternoon looking at costume books and fashion plates (I’d printed a bundle out), discussing fabrics and patterns and ideas.

AFternoon tea table and friends

We’re planning some sewing get-togethers in the new year, along with a few other people who couldn’t come that afternoon.

In the meantime, I’m working on new stays (not very successfully yet), a cotton cap, and I still haven’t finished the neck ruff. (Oh, and preparing to launch a new book in January, doing Christmas sewing, and working. . . )

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