A (hurried) linen cap

Because I had a humungous book deadline just before the RWA presentation in August, I didn’t have a lot of spare time to sew, so I was madly finishing off the costume at the conference – sewing on a borrowed machine in my hotel room, and hand-stitching in workshops!

This linen cap is a very simple one, made without a pattern and entirely hand-stitched from scraps of linen left over from my chemise. I cut it out on the ironing board in the hotel room, and stitched most of it while attending workshops discussing the book industry and indie publishing in assorted conference sessions. I actually like having something to do with my hands while listening to speakers, so it was nice to be stitching allergy something simple.

Plain linen Regency-style cap 20141001RegencyCap2

The cap has three pieces – the back section, a horseshoe-ish shape; the main part, a straight rectangle, and a narrow frill. It ended up being a little large, but if I had longer hair arranged at the back of my head, that would take up some of the space. I put a gathering thread around the bottom of the cap, which shapes it around the neck and the face.

My next cap will be more decorative, with lace and ribbons, but for now I’m very happy with my plain cap. I can use it under a bonnet, or if I’m being a working woman or a Quaker lady 🙂

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